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Professional technical support, High Quality, and Fast delivery and warmful after sale service. Jinan Hao Lu Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional beer equipment and brewing ISP, including the variety of large and small, micro beer equipment, factory beer equipment, hotel beer equipment, bar and teaching laboratories beer equipment, as well as beer the attachment of the device, the external auxiliary equipment, control equipment, beer brewing, the main and auxiliary supply of raw materials, brewing techniques, training and other services.

The Company in line with the high purpose of the high input, high starting point, high-tech, rapidly growing constantly.

The first in the industry to develop a computer intelligent creatures brewing system, this system not only save time, effort, stable quality, reasonable prices, like the Internet, like wine, brewed beer tastes pure and distant flavor.

We have first-class scientific research and development personnel, first-class brewing technology, production of professional and technical personnel, advanced processing equipment, the implementation of high-quality large-scale, pipeline, intensive production to ensure high quality and low cost. First-class brewing technology, low-cost high-yield brewed a distinctive and unique beer, you quickly open the market, dominate the market. Distance technical support, allowing you to quickly confine operations. Improve the service system, high pillow is excellent.

If you have any question,pls feel free to contact us!welcome to visit our factory!